USA Erik R.

I’m proud to call myself a Tulsan. Growing up it was just the town I lived in, but now it’s something more. Getting involved in TYPros and working with organizations like the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation has given me new perspective on Tulsa’s thriving ecosystem.

Most post-graduates move back home, sit on their hands and watch Netflix till they start hearing Steve Carrell and Amy Poehler talk to them in their sleep. That’s not me.

Since moving home I’ve been trying to get my feet wet, and quickly. I know experience will drive my credentials to my first full-time position, so here are some examples of where I’ve been spending my time:

  • Working on an entrepreneurial program with the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation called Cultivate918
  • Marketing and sales contracting work for a local start-up called Narrable
  • Attending an entrepreneurial forum called 1MillionCups to broaden my network in the Tulsa area
  • Doing freelance work for Adam Seaman, Founder of Positive Leadership, who works with executives at Williams and QuikTrip

These experiences have been great, but I am ready to secure a full-time position in Tulsa where my skills and leadership will assist you in strengthening all aspects of promotion and communication.

Why hire me?

Social Media Strategy: I’ve created social media plans for multiple companies and organizations to help them stay connected with their desired target market. Let’s pick the right plan for you and see how to connect with your audience.

Marketing Content: Connecting with a community or a target market is one thing, but producing rich content that will capture their attention is what matters in the end.

Public Relations: My writing skills are grounded in AP Style and I have experience writing press releases, news releases, media kits and newsletters.

Program Administration: While working on the entrepreneurial program called Cultivate918 I scheduled meetings and met business owners to plan our monthly meetings. Additionally, I wrote its newsletter, managed its website and networked with other entrepreneurs in Tulsa.

 Let’s Talk

I want to help you build relationships, not numbers on a page. I’m ready to talk with your customers or communities, not talk at them. I want to brighten up your office and have a little bit of fun, not just show up to a job and go home at five. If this sounds like a fit, shoot me an email and we can start the conversation.

Looking for my résumé and contact info? Click here.